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ACHILLES - Master's Circuit Party Harness

Regular price $39.90

Color: Black

Dive into the circuit's pulse with the Achilles Full Body Men's Harness, designed for thrill-seekers of desire

Why You'll Love It:

  • Irresistible Appeal: Crafted from stretchy, body-hugging material, it promises a tantalising display of your form.
  • Daring Design: This harness invites curious glances and promises nights of endless exploration.
  • Party Perfect: Whether you're the center of the dance floor or the star of the after-party, this harness is your ally.

Imagine This: You, at the heart of the circuit, radiating confidence and kinky allure. The Vibe Master's Harness isn't just worn; it's experienced.

    The Achilles' Pulse Full Body Harness awaits to sync with your every move.

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