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OLI - Boldness Full Body Men's Harness

Regular price $29.90

Color: Black

Surrender to the seductive call of Oli with the Temptation Full Body Men's Harness.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Sensual Appeal: Made from materials that caress your skin.
  • Effortlessly Provocative: With easy-to-wear pullover design, slipping into your alter ego is seamless.
  • Playful Versatility: Whether it's the main attraction at a club, a bold statement at PRIDE, or adding spice to your intimate encounters, this harness is designed to entice and excite.

Imagine This: Each space you grace charges with an electric allure, your harness not just a piece of attire but a declaration of your uninhibited spirit and untamed desires.

Let the night be your playground, where you are the undisputed master of ceremonies.

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