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About us


Xpress Harness is a fashion harness brand that aims to give everyone the freedom to express themselves. 
1) We truly believe in the value of self-expression
By choosing Xpress Harness you will have a range of designs, colours and style to make you feel liberated sexy and proud.
We want you to be able to make a statement and create amazing memories. Choose one of our unique fashion harnesses tailored to your personality. There is something for everyone!
-2) We support global prides events, diversity and inclusion. 

We believe that fashion has the ability to celebrate individuality and self-expression, and can bring people together.

We are dedicated to creating clothing and accessories that reflect the unique experiences and perspectives of our diverse customer base.

We are proud to stand with our minority and marginalised groups, and we are committed to fighting for equality and fairness for all.

We believe that nothing is "too much" or "not enough," and you should be free to live and express yourself unreservedly. -


3) We care strongly about the environment and want to take action. -

We believe in hot and intimate parties while keeping our planet cool. -

We participate in a reforestation programme on a monthly basis. - -

Every quarter, a report will be posted on the website with the total number of trees planted as a result of your support.

This will be clickable and will also provide information about our green association partner.

Shop with a purpose! With each purchase, you'll be planting a tree. Together, we can make a positive impact on reforestation efforts and combat deforestation.

It's finally your turn to shine!
  • Xpress Harness is registered to the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission).


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