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ASHTON - Gay Mesh Shining Tops

Regular price $29.90

Color: Green

This gay mesh top is crafted for those who don’t just attend the party but become the heartbeat of it. These tops are a bold declaration of your inner diva.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Dazzling Display: Our tank mesh designs, featuring provocative cutouts, are engineered to showcase your physique in all its glory, ensuring you're not just seen, but remembered.
  • Curve-Conscious Craft: Made from premium nylon, each piece is a second skin that adorns your form, highlighting every contour with precision and grace.
  • Style Spectrum: With a variety of cuts and designs, transition effortlessly from the shadows to the spotlight, making every entrance a headline act.

Be the Phenomenon: Picture yourself, the essence of the party, draped in Ashton. As you navigate through the throngs, you're not just moving; you're performing, each step a statement, each glance a story. 

Ready to bare it all and leave a mark.

Care Instructions